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Liberty Gardens

The purpose of the EcoGarden at the Ernie Morgan Environmental Action Center is to provide residents with examples of sustainable building and gardening practices. Constructed in September 2001 and dedicated in May 2002, areas of the EcoGarden are dedicated to a theme, such as a Rain Garden, Butterfly Garden, Ornamental Grasses, and the Liberty Garden. Each of these areas consists of native plants, and requires little maintenance and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. There is also a working Backyard Compost Demonstration area.

The existing non-porous asphalt was removed and replaced with a porous gravel and brick pathway, as well as 2 vertical drains, which allow storm water to become groundwater rather than runoff into Norfolk's already taxed stormwater drains. There are also benches and trelliswork around the Center, which are made from lumber consisting of recycled plastic (no termites!).

The vegetation in the Liberty Garden blooms red, white and blue, and incorporates a stone memorial to victims of 9/11 and their families. The flagpole in the center of the area is actually a reused utility pole, which flies a U.S. flag raised on the U.S.S. Wisconsin. The flagpole is surrounded by bricks, purchased and engraved in dedicated to local businesses, friends and loved ones.

The EcoGarden also provides community service opportunities. Each of the beds is available for adoption, which involves four maintenance visits per year. A sign is posted at that bed with the name of the adopting group.


Information: For more information or volunteer opportunities, please contact the Norfolk Environmental Commission at (757) 441-1347 or by visiting our website,

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