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Waste reduction helps save raw materials and landfill space. Itís also a good way to reduce pollution and save energy. Waste Reduction starts with the changes you can make at home, work, in your community and when shopping


  • Buy only what you need.  
  • Purchase in Bulk.    
  • Avoid "over-packaged" products
  • Avoid disposable goods
  • Read the label- Choose materials made with non toxic ingredients.
  • Reuse or refuse shopping bags - bring your own sturdy bags.
  • Buy durable, high quality goods.

At Home:  

  • Reuse household articles such as bags, boxes and plastic food containers. 
  • Maintain and repair items before buying new ones. 
  • Rent instead of buying such as a power tool.  
  • Sell or donate goods you no longer want.
  • Donate old magazines and catalogues to local charities, waiting rooms or schools.
  • Leave cut grass clippings in your lawn.
  • Place the following items in your curbside container and set on curb on your neighborhood's recycling day or take to your recycling drop-off center: newspaper, glass, aluminum cans, foil and pie plates, tin cans and #1 and #2 plastics bottles.

At Work

  • Make two-sided copies, whenever possible.
  • Make interoffice phone calls, if appropriate instead of sending memos.
  • Use ceramic mugs or glasses instead of disposable cups.
  • Use scrap paper for memos, notes, etc.
  • Reuse envelopes for routing memos and office materials.


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