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Suggested Reading List

  •  A Pig Tale, by Olivia Newton-John, Brian Seth Hurst and Sal Murdocca

  • The Day the Trash Came Out to Play, (David M. Beable)

  • Bob's Recycling Day, (Bob the Builder), By Annie Auerbach and Vince Giarrano

  • Garbage, by Robert Maass

  • Garbage Collectors (In My Neighborhood), by Paulette Bourgeois

  • Garbage and Recycling, by Rosie Harlow and Sally Morgan

  • I Heard the Willow Weep, by Toni Albert and Margaret Brandt

  • Rachel Carson, Preserving a Sense of Wonder, by Thomas Locker and Joseph Bruclac

  • Recycle: A Handbook for Kids, by Gail Gibbons

  • Recycling, by Rhonda Lucas Donald

  • The Gift: A Magical Story About Caring for the Earth, by Isia Osuchowska

  • The Great Trash Bash, by Loreen Leedy

  • The Wartville Wizard, by Don Madden

  • Too Much Trash, by Fay Robinson

  • Sir Johnny's Recycling Adventure: Hands on the World Environmental Series, by Racheal P. Paulson

Craft Books

  • 175 Easy-To-Do Everyday Crafts, By Sharon Dunn-Umnik

  • Arts from Recyclables, Colleen Van Blaircom and Ron Lehew

  • Fun with Recycling: 50 Great Things for Kids to Make from Junk

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